Other Titles : Westminster Creolistics Series

From Contact to Creole and Beyond
Edited by Philip Baker, iv + 268 pages, 4 maps, index. ISBN 1 85919 086 3. £17-50p. December 1995. (Westminster Creolistics Series - 1)

"...a volume that questions traditional assumptions and strives to shed light on the true story of creole genesis."
Margaret M Marshall, The French Review 72:374.

"This volume is one of the most timely and wide-ranging creolistics anthologies ever published. It contains important papers by many central figures, nicely divided between long-established thinkers and newer voices. It is highly recommended for its insights into many of the issues currently of most concern in Creole Studies, especially since its paperback format makes it inexpensive and its editing is superb."
John McWhorter, Language.

"A positive approach to the origin and spread of Pidgins and Creoles and careful documentation concerning hitherto neglected varieties combine to make this an unusual and potentially very valuable publication. The book is well organized and the general presentation is excellent." Pauline Christie, Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages.


  • otivation in Creole genesis - Philip Baker
  • Creolization and language change: a comparison - Ingo Plag
  • The first generations of a Creole society: Cayenne, 1660-1700 - William Jennings
  • The role of St Kitts in a new scenario of French Creole genesis - Mikael Parkvall
  • Saint-Christophe: site of the first French Creole - William Jennings
  • Buddy Quow, St Kitts and St Barts - Neville Shrimpton & Philip Baker
  • Mississippi and Tèche Creole: two separate starting points for Creole in Louisiana - Karin Speedy
  • Investigating the background of Karipúna Creole French - John Ladhams
  • A contact-induced and vernacularized language: how Melanesian is Tayo? - Chris Corne
  • Article agglutination in Creole French: a wider perspective - Anthony Grant
  • Synthetic genitives in Mauritian Creole - Anand Syea
  • Aspect marking in Fa d'Ambu - Marike Post
  • Exclusive particles (ideophones) in Guinea-Bissau Creole - Hildo Honório do Couto
  • Standardizing the Krio language - Neville Shrimpton
  • Compiling dictionaries of Creole languages - Gertrud Aub-Buscher
  • Pidgins, Creoles and linguistic ecologies - Peter Mühlhäusler