Westminster Creolistics Series

Pidgin and Creole Linguistics

Expanded and revised edition

By Peter Mühlhäusler, viii + 390 pages, illustrations, index. ISBN 1 85919 083 9. £20. October 1997. (Westminster Creolistics Series - 3)

"[cet] ouvrage�, outre sa très grande utilité immédiate pour tous les étudiants et chercheurs, constitue un des événements les plus marquants de l'histoire, déjà longue, de la créolistique"
Alain Kihm, Cahiers d'Etudes Africaines.

"Pidgin and Creole Linguistics [is] is the most substantial single-authored book on this subject yet published"
John W Harris, The Carrier Pidgin.

The first edition of this book in 1986 was immediately acclaimed as the most accomplished general work on this subject. This new edition has been updated by the author and the text has been expanded by about 30% with the inclusion of three additional chapters (7, 8 and 9).


  • Chapter 1 Names and definitions.
  • Chapter 2 The study of Pidgins and Creoles.
  • Chapter 3 The sociohistorical context of Pidgin and Creole development
  • Chapter 4 Theories of origin
  • Chapter 5 Linguistic development of Pidgins and Creoles.
  • Chapter 6 The relevance of Pidgin and Creole studies to linguistic theory.
  • Chapter 7 The sociology of Pidgin and Creoles.
  • Chapter 8 Pidgins and Creoles in education.
  • Chapter 9 Pidgin and Creole literature.
  • Chapter 10 Conclusions and outlook.