Westminster Creolistics Series

Twice as Meaningful

Reduplication in Pidgins, Creoles, and Other Contact Languages

Edited by Silvia Kouwenberg, vi + 330 pages, map, index. ISBN 1 903292 02 6. £25 (Westminster Creolistics Series - 8)Edited by John Holm and Peter L Patrick, viii + 404 pages, index. ISBN 978 1 903292 01 3. £24.99 (Westminster Creolistics - 7)

Reduplication has long been considered a "typical" feature of Pidgins and Creoles but a serious study of this phenomenon has never previously been undertaken. This book aims to provide descriptions of reduplicative processes in almost three dozen languages which emerged out of contact situations: approximately 25 Creole languages, 8 Pidgins, and Afrikaans. The volume is entirely devoted to reduplications which can be considered morphological, relating a reduplicated form to a synchronically existing or historically attested unreduplicated base. The selection of papers and the emphasis on description assures coverage of relevant languages of different geographical and lexical stock. Several contributors consider the question of the historical emergence of morphological reduplication in relation to the presence or absence of similar processes in the languages out of which contact the pertinent languages arose. A number of contributions further address the semantic analysis of reduplications, or the theoretical implications of reduplications attested in the languages under consideration for a theory of phonological form.

The list of expected contributors is: Lilian Adamson, Jacques Arends, Philip Baker, Peter Bakker, Marlyse Baptista, Hans den Besten, Annegret Bollee, Clancy Clements, Martha Davis, Hubert Devonish, Shelome Gooden, Anthony Grant, Tjerk Hagemeijer, Magnus Huber, Shihan de Silva Jayasuriya, Silvia Kouwenberg, Darlene LaCharite, John Ladhams, Carla Luijks, Philip Maurer, Helen McPhee, Raj Mesthrie, Miriam Meyerhoff, Bettina Migge, Catherine Miller, Peter Muhlhausler, Johan Nordlander, Dudley Nylander, Samuel Gyasi Obeng, Mikael Parkvall, Marike Post, Paul Roberge, Sarah J Roberts, Caspar Scrensen, Neville Shrimpton, John V Singler, Norval Smith, Viveka Velupillai, and Elizabeth Grace Winkler.

The languages covered in this book include: Afrikaans, Arabic-based Pidgins, Bahamian, Berbice Dutch Creole, Bislama, Cape Verdean Creole, Chabacano (of Mindanao), Chinook Jargon, Fanakalo, French Caribbean Creoles, Ghanaian Pidgin English, Guinea-Bissau Creole, Gulf of Guinea Creoles, Gullah, Guyanais, Guyanese, Hawai'ian Creole English, Indo-Portuguese, Jamaican Creole, Krio, Liberian Pidgin English, Limonese Creole, Lingua Franca, Macaense, Malayo-Portuguese, Mauritian Creole, Negerhollands, Papiamentu, Pidgin Hawaiian, Pitkern-Norfolk, Reunion Creole, Saint Kitts English Creole, Saramaccan, Seychelles Creole, Sranan, and Surinam Eastern Maroon Creole.