Westminster Creolistics Series

The making of Mauritian Creole
edited by Philip Baker & Guillaume Fon Sing. Ca. 380 pages, bibliographic references, index, ISBN 978 1 903292 14 3, £24.99, published December 2007. (Westminster Creolistics series, vol. 9

This volume is based on a collection of 60 texts, covering the period 1734 - 1929 and containing more than 100,000 words. This book includes a complete concordance of these with statistical information of the frequency of each word as well as of variant spellings of each word. It also prints in full all of these texts not readily available elsewhere, including several previously unpublished manuscripts, together with a representative selection of other texts.

Most importantly, it also includes a dozen articles by leading specialists which deal with the evolution of the most salient features of this language. This unprecedented publication demonstrates just how much can be learned about the construction of a new language by a diverse range of people brought together by slavery.

Click here to see one of the articles include in this volume, ‘The development of the noun phrase in Mauritian Creole and the mechanisms of language development’ by Anand Syea.

*A concordance of all the known Mauritian Creole texts up to 1930 is now available free of charge. To obtain the web address, contact pb@battlebridge.com