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The Founder of digital powerhouse Battle Bridge, Travis Phipps leads high performing teams that achieve profitability for clients in a variety of industries. Under his leadership, Battle Bridge has become a standard against which all other digital agency performance is measured. From his background as an ecommerce entrepreneur (acquired 2012), Travis brings comprehensive expertise and insider insight into digital agency management. Phipps is also expert at growth management, overseeing client growth paths exceeding 10,000% annual growth and supporting the communications and processes to create and absorb that growth.

Mitchell Savage
VP of Operations

Mitchell Savage specializes in rapid growth, managing both operations and marketing in intensive growth scenarios. With a background including six of his own startups, Savage has spent the last fifteen years assisting other companies in rapid growth stemming from acquisitions, startups, and new product launches. Mitch has been on both sides of the M&A table and participated in fund raising both private equity and mezzanine debt. Savage’s undergraduate degree is in systems design including computer and operational systems. As a manager, Mitch is an analytical problem solver proficient at aligning teams to fulfill revenue goals and operations metrics.

Robb Billy
VP of Financial Operations

Robb has served in a senior financial position in small to large businesses over the past 20 years. While at Associated Wholesale Grocers, he led all the different accounting groups including A/R, A/P, business systems, payroll and financial reporting for the $4b Co-Op. Robb also served as the financial liaison for the mergers and acquisitions team as AWG was adding three new locations within a six month period. Most recently, Mr. Billy served as CFO for Bob Mills Furniture in Oklahoma City providing leadership and overseeing all areas of the business including accounting, business intelligence, information technology, HR, real estate, and insurance for the nine retail location furniture chain. The furniture retailer tripled in revenue in ten years and added seven new locations. In addition, he completed more than $100mm in transactions ranging from aircraft purchases, commercial real-estate development, and insurance captives.

VP of Offshore Operations

Granger is recognized as a serial entrepreneur and media specialist. 

Educated at the University of Minnesota, he has since successfully built and advised many businesses in social media, marketing, entertainment, media, software, aerospace, and technology, in the USA and various countries around the world. Has produced and has been featured in award winning films, notably Crude Independence (2009) and NextWorld (2008).

With a strong finance and operations background, Granger can bring his skills to the table and help grow small businesses and large corporations, using traditional & non-traditional methods to grow brands, business, sales, and networks!

His passion is to see a vision executed and dreams fulfilled and ultimately enjoy the success of his clients. 

Allan Cole
PPC Specialist / Media Buyer

Allan is a dynamic and results-focused PPC Specialist and digital marketing strategist with expertise in managing comprehensive PPC campaigns across multiple channels. Allan enjoys playing piano, downhill mountain biking and absolutely wiping the floor with his colleagues in office ping pong.

Carlie Arisa

Carlie Wilson
Senior Account Executive, Director of Lifestyle Brands

Carlie Wilson earned her undergrad degree in Organizational Communications to start her career in business. An early project management opportunity with a marketing firm brought her to discover her love of both the business and creative aspects of marketing. At Battle Bridge, Carlie has expanded from project management to creative and strategic brand and revenue development work, leading Battle Bridge’s work for clients in the growing lifestyle arena. In her allegedly spare time, she also continues to uphold project management duties for our most active and complex client initiatives.

J Ray Hartley
Director of Technology

J Ray Hartley is one of those exceptional and scarce developers who straddles the divide between engineering and marketing, an often-debilitating obstacle since they speak different languages. As a full-stack developer with the unique ability to translate marketing vernacular into developer instructions, J Ray has overseen numerous complex team projects for nearly a decade. He is Battle Bridge’s secret weapon for uniform and accurate collaboration between the creative and technical teams. He also serves as our vanguard when moving into new tech territory, working to keep Battle Bridge current with state-of-the-art technologies to support all aspects of client business goals.
Jeremiah Fehrle

Jeremiah Fehrle
Chief Officer of Chaos

Head of strategy and Digital Marketing Director for Battle Bridge. Specializes in business system analytics, integrations, email marketing and paid media. Current operations manager for Battle Bridge Medical, with a focus in lead generation, e-commerce, and product development.

Father of three / Massive Cleveland Browns Fan / Experienced Dungeon Master

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