Social Media Marketing Service

Your Trusted Social Media Agency

Unless you are in the aircraft carrier or nuclear plant industry, you need a digital strategy. Latest study showed that more than 70% of US brands’ media budget will be spent on digital. If you’re not there, your biggest competitor will be.

  • Build Brand Awareness
  • Foster Brand Loyalty
  • Generate New Leads
  • Attract Customers To Your Physical Store
  • Re-target Users That Previously Interacted With Your Website

You have to engage with your fans, and give them a reason to like you, show them that you care, and that you’re listening.

That’s where we come in.

We keep your social feeds fresh, engaging, relevant and always on trend.

You probably don’t have time to respond to every Instagram comment, or create a monthly schedule for your Tumblr page, or make sure your message appears on the right news feeds. We’ll handle all of this, completely done for you.

Avoid a #SocialMediaFail. We’ll make sure you stay likeable, shareable and retweetable.

How Our Social Media Services Help Your Brand

How Social Media Marketing Helps Your Brand

The Battle Bridge Labs Way

Our data driven creative process for effective social media marketing:


We’ll capture a custom snapshot for your business with do a complete analysis of the social landscape, then we will align a social strategy geared to meet your business goals.


Now the fun happens. Compelling social campaigns will be created and Sprint cycles meticulously planned & executed in Agile Scrum Fashion.


You will receive a clear report of your social reach and KPI tracking, along with visibility in our optimization cycles across all major platforms.


The moment of truth… Make the right choice and contact us to explore the amazing opportunities offered by social media channels.