Pay Per Click Management

Small businesses earn an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on paid advertising. That’s an ROI rate of 200% ROI.

If your company’s return is lower than this, maybe it’s time to make some changes. 

At Battle Bridge, our high-profit PPC campaigns will deliver positive returns on your investment and establish a loyal customer base.


Digital Marketing One Stop Shop


Pay per click (PPC) advertising, when managed correctly, is an effective paid advertising option that allows you to market your business on search engines and popular social media sites. And that’s exactly where your potential clients are.

PPC is an exciting type of digital marketing because you can quickly and directly evaluate your return on investment (ROI). 

However, the world of PPC marketing isn’t simple.

Ongoing, customized campaign optimization is needed to ensure qualified leads are driven to your website. Otherwise, you could be wasting your money on PPC ads that aren’t effective.

Hiring an experienced PPC manager, who will enhance your advertising campaigns, will deliver the right results.


We are experienced PPC consultants who will create and execute data-driven advertising campaigns. Our well-thought-out campaigns will help you achieve your business goals and reduce losses.

We deliver real business results; we will maximize your website’s effectiveness and turn more of your visitors into customers.

We react to the digital marketplace and pivot media strategies to make sure your business moves with the times. 

Whatever you decide to invest in digital marketing, you’ll see a return on investment (ROI).


We will deliver a custom package and consultative support that can include:

A full review of your website – audience, competition, and content analysis. 

PPC management – specialist and strategic multi-channel PPC campaigns that meet your audience where they are. 

A well-architected sales funnel – this will save you time so that you can focus on other business decisions.

SEO – tactics for long-term results coupled with paid ads for quick boosts. Technical SEO assessment to improve your page speed and optimize your website’s back end.

Appealing design – an improved design that holds up to modern user experience criteria and cutting edge landing pages to pique interest and ultimately increase conversion.

Measurable results – transparent reports that show how our efforts are growing your business. 

Promoted value proposition – to let your customers know the added value you bring and that no one else can give.

Content writing – structured content for your audience that’s fresh and encouraging as well as rich in keywords and backlinks. 

1. Review Your Objectives

Pay Per Click services start with a one-on-one consultation with a PPC expert to discuss your business and the goals you want to achieve.

2. Get Your Customized PPC Advertising Plan

Next, we research keywords that customers could use in search engines to find products and services like yours. Then we create enticing ads that customers will want to click. Ads are targeted to the local, regional or national market you serve.

3. Track Your Results

Powerful on-demand reporting gives you full insight into the performance of your Pay Per Click marketing campaign so you can fully understand the "who, when, and how" of customers finding your business.

4. Ongoing Campaign Improvements

As time goes on, we analyze the results and make improvements to your PPC advertising campaign to make it even more effective.